What’s in it for you?

“I recouped my annual dues in a little over two months with the HBA’s group credit card discount processing alone! And, I’m looking to save upwards of $2,000 in SAIF discounts as well. I can’t afford not to be an HBA member!” -Gary Phillips, Gary’s Vacuflo

Business Savings. HBA of Metropolitan Portland Membership gives you three memberships in one. The combined purchasing power and resources of your local HBA, the Oregon Home Builders Association (OHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) gives members access to industry-relevant products and discounts on everything from continuing education to medical plans. Additionally, HBA members receive special rates on show participation as well as products and services and other member perks. In fact, you could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars by NOT being an HBA member. Current discount programs* include:

  • Discounts on Verizon Wireless ranging from 8 percent – 22 percent on products and services (average savings of $240/yr)
  • Discounts on SAIF Insurance up to 10 percent (average savings of $1,100/yr)
  • Medical & Dental Plans for as few as two employees
  • Discounts on fuel from Pacific Pride (average savings of $120/yr)
  • Discounts on credit card processing through SwipeNow
  • Discounts on required Continuing Education for contractors (online and live classes)
  • Rebates on commonly used building products and materials
  • Discounts on participation in the HBA’s signature shows, including the NW Natural Street of Dreams, the Portland Home & Garden Shows, the Tour of Remodeled Homes and the Ultimate Open House.

For more member discounts click here. For member perks click here.

*not all members qualify for all discount programs

Business Development & Growth. Industry business development opportunities from small to large are produced on a monthly basis to allow members to maximize their industry contacts – either to the membership at large, or to smaller, focused groups of specific industry representation including the Professional Remodelers Organization (PRO) and the Home Performance Council (HPC). Events are held at our main building as well as at locations throughout the region.

In addition, the HBA produces a variety of publications, online tools and events that can promote your company, give you access to customers, and provide leads and new business.

  • Opportunities for direct exposure to more than 1300+ industry professionals
  • Increased brand awareness through business-to-business and consumer focused marketing and sponsorship programs that reach over 75,000 targeted customers annually
  • Business to Business connections at smaller membership and industry events
  • Marketing edge through awards and other industry recognition
  • Online business marketing to thousands each month

For information on the events that might be best suited for your business, contact our Membership Concierge. For the latest guide to branding and advertising through the HBA’s member and consumer events and via the HBA’s extensive member communications channels click here.

Education, Leadership & Career Development. HBA of Metro Portland is one of the most awarded and professionally run builder associations in the country. While there are many ways you can develop and grow your leadership skills, doing it at the HBA gives you the advantage of doing it in the environment and industry you do business in – significantly increasing the value of your association involvement both personally and professionally. Whether you want general leadership opportunities or have specific interests in finance, marketing, charitable involvement, government affairs, political action or many other areas, HBA can connect you immediately to the right project, allowing you to contribute in meaningful ways that fit your schedule.

In addition, the HBA offers a wide variety of education and career development opportunities. Our affiliation with the Northwest College of Construction provides trade contractor specific training. We offer online and live classes for contractors to meet their continuing education requirements, many national certification programs, and regular business management, marketing and sales classes.

  • Develop personal connections with top business leaders in the industry
  • Improve and increase leadership and management skills
  • Improve community & charitable outreach efforts through homeless shelter development projects
  • Business and industry certification programs to increase your market share
  • Continuing education to meet industry construction and safety standards for you and your employees

For a schedule of current class and education opportunities click here.

Government Relations & Industry Advocacy. Government Relations and Political Action are extremely important to the health of our industry. HBA represents our members and the industry before the Metro regional government, five counties, and dozens of cities and special districts in our jurisdiction. From broad land use, code and development issues to local permitting, fees and building regulations, we are actively representing and advocating for our members and the housing industry. We also have relationships within all of these jurisdictions and work through our PAC to elect and support government leaders who understand the value of the housing industry.

In addition, our affiliated OHBA and NAHB are working at a state and federal level to make sure the housing industry is well represented. Issues including mortgage interest deductions, appraisals, financing, environmental regulations, storm water, insurance, codes, ESA and a host of other large issues are being covered by those organizations with our local involvement. Acting as a voice for the home building industry, the HBA is an expert resource for media and elected officials when it comes to understanding how our industry is vital to the economic health of the greater Portland Metro region.

  • Powerful local, state and national advocates to improve your business and regulatory environment
  • Personal support to help you navigate building issues
  • The latest news, trends and forecasts to keep you current and profitable
  • NAHB estimates that national advocacy efforts saved builders over $7,000 per home in 2012
  • HBA’s local efforts have saved builders hundreds to thousands per home

Everyone benefits when builders, developers and remodelers succeed – our efforts ensure there are more business opportunities for the entire industry. For real-time government affairs-related issues and updates click here.

Contact our Member Concierge Today! Meet our Member Concierge, Tami. She is available to help you maximize your HBA membership benefits and answer any questions you may have. Plus, contact her today to attend a complimentary member event! Call (503) 684-1880, or click here.

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Joining the HBA has been one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences of my career. That involvement has also been a key factor in my company’s growth over the past decade.