Gary Phillips: Gary’s Vacuflo
“I recouped my annual dues in a little over two months with the HBA’s group credit card discount processing alone! And, I’m looking to save upwards of $2,000 in SAIF discounts as well. I can’t afford not to be an HBA member!”

Sherry Jordan: The Northwest Coaching Group
“My membership has introduced me to the leaders of one of our most influential industries in the State of Oregon. I have a chance to network professionally and socially with people who often become clients or partners. I owe a part of my business success to this group.”

Luke Morely: Lakeside Lumber
“Joining the HBA has been one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences of my career. That involvement has also been a key factor in my company’s growth over the past decade.”

Erin Davis: Mosaik Design & Remodeling
“I have been a member of the HBA and PRO for almost 10 years. They say you get out of an organization what you put into it, and this couldn’t be more true. After joining several committees and being recently elected to the Board, I have a new found respect for this incredible organization.  The other members and staff are amazing people, totally committed to a greater good and always friendly and professional.  I can’t imagine a better value-based fit for me or my company.”

Paul Sivley: Paul Sivley Photography
“I consider the HBA a premiere Portland networking organization. It’s large, diverse, and welcoming. My business bottom line has grown as a result of being a member. The Home Builders Foundation provides assistance to the homeless in our communities – in ways that reveal the true heart of the organization.”

Tom Skaar: Pacific Western Homes
“Being a member of this great organization for the past 25 plus years had paid dividends to me and to my company far beyond measure. The education, networking opportunities and just plain fun that I have had over the years have all been important, but the thing I have valued the most is the opportunity to work with others in this great profession, helping to make all of us stronger and better at what we do, and that membership has also provided me with the contacts and opportunities to get involved in helping our industry in other ways as well. We need strong membership and participation. Please do as I have done. Join and get involved.”

Lora Creswick: Light Benders and In the Works
“We have found the HBA and PRO memberships extremely valuable in being on top of legislative information and up to date on all aspects of construction in our community. Networking is great for business in different ways. It’s a good way to share our ideas with others to increase traffic to our business. Last time I was at an event, I learned the value of background checking companies, for example.”

Gordon Root: Root Holdings, LLC
“Not only should you join for the sake of supporting the political action, which benefits everyone related to the building industry, but you need to get involved to personally benefit from the relationships created…lasting and meaningful friendships.”

Karl Finkelnburg: KDF Enterprises LLC
“The HBA is the only way for a person who benefits from a healthy building industry to leverage himself into a group voice loud enough to be heard in Salem and D.C.”

Steve Frazier: Contract Furnishings Mart
“Our association with the HBA over the years has added not only loyal customers but great partners and friends. The importance of relationships and business can not be stressed enough. Without one, you won’t have the other.”

Roger Neu, NuPark Development LLC
“The member directory is worth its weight in gold. I can pick it up and instantly call subcontractors, suppliers, insurance reps, warranty companies and many more!”

Steve Heiteen: Portland Remodel
“My involvement in HBA has been critical to my business development the last 17 years. Being around successful people in my industry helps me ever day. The membership cost is a great value.”

Mitch Stanley, Stanley Home Renovations
“Our membership in the HBA and PRO has proven to be invaluable to us in the success of our business.  We can point to specific revenue that we have generated as a result of the relationships we have formed that pays for our membership fees many times over each year.  Along with that is the benefit of associating on a regular basis with our peers in the industry which enhances our knowledge and skill in running our business more efficiently and therefore more profitably.”

Continuing Education


Joining the HBA has been one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences of my career. That involvement has also been a key factor in my company’s growth over the past decade.