Job Site Safety

The Home Builders Association provides safety guidelines, information and resources through our affiliation with the Oregon Home Builders Association Central Safety Committee. The information and resources provided below are to help our members work more safely and reduce job site accidents.

Safety protocols and the need for a safety committee are mandated by the State of Oregon through Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). To understand why you need safety protocols and  how to establish a safety committee, please visit the Oregon OSHA website. The Oregon OSHA also provides a quarterly newsletter, Construction Depot, focusing on safe work practices for the construction industry. Click here to view the latest Construction Depot newsletter.

The links below provide you with the most recent Safety Meeting Pages, which include information on a safety topic to be discussed at your meeting and a form to fill out in order to keep track of your meeting obligation. More information about job site safety and the current OHBA safety articles and news releases may be found on the Oregon Home Builders Association Codes & Safety page.

February 2015 Safety Meeting Pages

Hand Tools

Hand Safety

January 2015 Safety Meeting Pages

Accident Investigation

Fall Protection – Slide Guards

December 2014 Safety Meeting Pages

Benefits of Walking

Drug-Free Workplace

November 2014 Safety Meeting Pages

Welding Safety

Winter Driving #1

October 2014 Safety Meeting Pages

Safety Committee – Meeting


September 2014 Safety Meeting Pages

GFCI Protection

Trench Safety

August 2014 Safety Meeting Pages

Dumpster Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

July 2014 Safety Meeting Pages

Heat Stress

Cement Safety



Continuing Education


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