Home Builders Foundation



Founded in 1997, the Home Builders Foundation(HBF) harnesses home building industry resources to create opportunities for the home building community to use their unique skills to improve the Portland community. Through our shelter development and workforce development programs, the HBF is building hope and rebuilding homes – rebuilding lives.

Shelter Development

The Foundation facilitates the building and renovation of dignified housing for the transitional homeless. Through its shelter building arm, HomeAid Portland, builders are partnered with local non-profit care providers seeking to expand facilities designed to house individuals and families in need of transitional shelter.  Through effectively harnessing the power of giving at all levels of the construction process, HBF is able to help shelters complete projects at significant savings.  Numerous projects have been completed already, with the cumulative value in contributions well over $1,000,000.


Painting a Better Tomorrow

The Foundation also administers volunteer programs to improve the livability and function of local care providers’ existing facilities. Its annual volunteer and shelter care event, Painting a Better Tomorrow, allows HBA members and other industry leaders to directly contribute to the maintenance of local homeless shelters, most of whom operate on a shoestring budget and have few available funds for maintenance costs.

Workforce Development

The Foundation works to increase programming opportunities for those interested in entering the home building industry as a career and better connect various resources with students.  HBF also awards scholarships and provides mentoring opportunities for those ready to pursue a career in the housing industry.  Dozens of former students have benefitted from this mentoring program and now have jobs within the home building industry – many now HBA members themselves.

To find out more about the Home Builders Foundation, contribute or volunteer, contact Nicole or call (503) 684-1880

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Continuing Education


Joining the HBA has been one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences of my career. That involvement has also been a key factor in my company’s growth over the past decade.