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HBA Staff Directory

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Chief Executive Officer Executive Assistant
Dave Nielsen
Helen Lewis

Membership Services & Events

VP, Membership Services & Events Senior Event Manager
Rachel Trice
Rachel Trice
PRO & Events Manager Events & Membership Coordinator

Jenn Bauer

Jenn Bauer

Rachel Loveday
Rachel Loveday

Sustainability & Education Manager
Member Concierge
Caitlin Horsley
Caitlin Horsley
Tami Walter

Finance and Administration

VP, Finance & Administration Senior Accountant & Facilities Manager
Mike Maxwell
Roselie Fulkman
Front Desk Receptionist & Membership Assistant
Sarah Halstead
Sarah Halstead

Government Affairs and Communications

Associate Director of Government & Builder Member & Industry Communications
Justin Wood
Emily Zahniser
Government Relations Coordinator
Jon Kloor
Jon Kloor

Home Builders Foundation

Executive Director Project Manager
Ken Cowdery
Ken Cowdery
Brenda Ketah
Events Manager &
Administrative Assistant
Nicole Bailey

Celebrate Catering

Rhonda Johnson
 Jennifer Hormann