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Executive Leadership & Advocacy

Chief Executive Officer Executive & Government Relations Assistant
Dave Nielsen Rachel Loftin
Government Relations Coordinator
Jon Kloor

Membership Services, Events & Education

VP, Membership Services & Events Director of Membership Services & Councils
Rachel Trice Mark Bisbing

Event Manager Event Manager

Jenn Bauer


Helen Lewis
Events Coordinator

Sustainability & Education Manager
Rachel Loveday Caitlin Horsley
 Communications Manager Member Concierge
Adrian McCarthy

Tami Walter

Finance & Administration 

VP, Finance & Administration Senior Accountant & Facilities Manager
Mike Maxwell Roselie Fulkman
Front Desk & Membership Assistant
Sarah Halstead

Home Builders Foundation

Executive Director Project Manager
Ken Cowdery Brenda Ketah
Events Manager &
Administrative Assistant
Nicole Bailey

Celebrate Catering

Rhonda Johnson
 Jennifer Hormann


Continuing Education


My membership has introduced me to the leaders of one of our most influential industries in the State of Oregon. I have a chance to network professionally and socially with people who often become clients or partners. I owe a part of my business success to this group.