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The Government Relations staff of the HBA of Metropolitan Portland represents HBA’s members to the 37 local governments and boards under its jurisdiction. The staff monitors, testifies, and reports on issues such as system development charges (SDC’s), fee increases, code changes, development policies, housing affordability and housing density. The primary driving force of these issues is to provide the ABC’s of housing: Affordability, Balance, and Choice. In addition to working with local jurisdictions on these important issues, our staff also works to advance issues and candidates who are pro-business and pro-housing.

Members who serve on the Government Relations and Political Action Committees (PAC) provide staff with vital input and direction when representing the association and its members to our local and regional agencies and policy makers.

The HBA Government Relations and Political Action Committees meet on the second Thursday of every month from 10-11:30 a.m. For more information, contact Justin Wood.

The hottest issues are reported on regularly, both in the Around the Region section of the Home Building News and posted online.

Additional industry issues information may be found from the NAHB’s Construction Liability, Risk Management and Building Materials Committee. Click here for an information sheet from NAHB about issues resources.

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