Contractors’ Continuing Ed & Requirements

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What is required to renew your CCB license?

Almost all residential contractors are required to take a certain amount of continuing education each year, per the requirements established by the State Construction Contractors Board.  Below are answers to some commonly asked questions.  However, contractors are always welcome to call our office and one of our continuing education specialists can help you navigate the requirements and let you know of the variety of options we have to help you get the education you need to keep your license current. For information on obtaining a new CCB License, visit

When did the Continuing Education requirements to renew my CCB license go into effect?  

Applies to all renewals on or after October 1, 2011.

Who is required to take the training?

  • Residentially endorsed contractors
    – The owners, officers, members, employees or any combination
    – Training stays with the company
  • Residential Limited Contractors are only required to complete the core hours.
  • Residential Developers are exempt from all CE requirements.

How many credits are required?

Sixteen hours of continuing education during every two year license period.   8 hours of those must be in Core subject areas.  Eight hours are elective.

What are the core subject areas?

Three hours are in Building Exterior Shell Training (BEST).  Two hours are in Codes or Green Education.  For these areas, the CCB must pre-approve both the provider and the course in order to qualify as core credits.   The final three hours are in CCB Business Law and Practices and are usually only available directly through the CCB.

Why is there a requirement for a building exterior shell class? 

This was required as a legislative response to an increase in Construction Defect claims   Most claims result from a failure of the building envelope.  Envelope failures lead to water intrusion.  Water + organic building materials lead to mold and mildew problems.

Where do I find the Core classes?

The BEST classes Codes Classes and Green Classes are available online through our affiliated Home Builders University as well as in a live classroom setting at the HBA offices in Lake Oswego.   The CCB Business Law and Practices are offered exclusively through the CCB. CCB is offering web-based courses, courses available on CD/DVD and limited live courses.

What qualifies as an elective?

  • All courses taught by your local HBA
  • Lead based paint training
  • Training demos by manufacturers
  • Commercial continuing education
  • Left over core hours
  • Training for other construction license requirements
  • Participation as an HBA officer (two hours)

What if I have both commercial and residential licenses?

  • All hours taken for the Residential License, including the Core Credits, will apply towards your Commercial license.
  • All hours taken for the Commercial License will apply to the Residential License as elective credits.


Continuing Education


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